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Meet the Entrepreneur - Robert Hance, CEO Creganna-Tactx Medical

Posted on Friday, 14th of February 2014
BioInnovate Ireland launches its 'Meet the Entrepreneur' Series with a talk from Dr Robert Hance, CEO of Creganna-Tactx Medical on Friday February 21st at 4.30 pm in the New Engineering Building NUI Galway. To register for the talk please email

Innovative Medical Device Training modelled on Stanford's BioDesign Programme

The Fellowship programme is a specialist medical device innovation training programme, modelled on the prestigious Stanford BioDesign programme . During the programme the Fellowship teams focus on three phases: Identify Invent Implement Identify unmet clinical needs The programme begins with a five-week intensive Bootcamp on the process of BioInnovation. The following eight weeks are spent in clinical immersion where the Fellowship teams are immersed in the clinical environments across Ireland. This process involves observing patients and healthcare professionals in a range of clinical settings including: specialist diagnostic clinics, surgical and interventional procedures, post-operative care and rehabilitation. At this time, these elite multi-disciplinary teams observe a variety of health-care professionals and their interactions with patients in a clinical environment. This is a unique opportunity for the Fellows to observe and document the day to day c...

Brendan Boland
Gerry Clarke
JJ Hancock
Yoav Olomutzki

Galway Fellows 2013

Mr. Eoin Bambury
Dr. Kyle Halligan
Michelle Tsai
Mr. Moshe Zilversmit

Limerick Fellows 2013

Dr. Leon Cavanagh
Ms. Rhona Hunt
Dr. Kevin Kelleher