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Andrew Bourke

Andrew Bourke

Andrew, upon completion of the 2015/16 BioInnovate fellowship, continued to grow his healthcare consultancy company, Situla Consulting, which he set up with 2012/13 BioInnovate fellow Caroline Gaynor (now Vice President of Lightstone Ventures). In 2016 and 2017, he leveraged his significant and well established commercial acumen to complete consultancy assignments for a number of diverse international clients including Dolmen, OneProjects (cofounded by his BioInnovate peers Fionn Lahart and Christoph Hennersperger) and EIT Health. A true advocate of the BioDesign process, Andrew recently completed substantial consultancy projects for NUI Galway based innovation centres CURAM, BioXL and BioInnovate before assuming the role of Director of Innovation Development with i360medical, a Dublin and New York based company devoted to accelerating hospital based innovations.

BioInnovate has become of the most innovative centres of excellence in the global MedTech sector. With the team's constant support, guidance and exemplary network of advisers, I have accelerated my career in medical device innovation and look forward to the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead.

BioInnovate Galway

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Situated on the prestigious campus of National University of Ireland Galway within the medieval city of Galway, European Capital of Culture in 2020, with equal easy access to the wilderness of Connemara in the west and the European mainland in the east, BioInnovate boasts a superb location.

Our affiliation with Stanford BioDesign has helped us to become one of the world’s leading innovation hubs with an immense debt of gratitude owed to Enterprise Ireland for both their financial and professional support in helping BioInnovate grow.

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