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Diarmuid Wall

Diarmuid Wall
Abbott Vascular Team

Diarmuid has worked for more than 13 years in the medical device industry. He graduated from the University of Limerick in 2005 with a degree in Electronic Systems after which he worked abroad in education. He began his career in medical device engineering with Abbott Vascular in 2007. Diarmuid’s area of expertise is rooted in product and process development of coronary stents and is currently a Senior R&D Engineer with Abbott Vascular in Clonmel. Diarmuid has held various roles within Abbott from Process Technician and manufacturing engineer to Sterilisation, Equipment and R&D engineer. Diarmuid has worked extensively on coronary drug eluting stent products as well as various novel products such as, coronary stent grafts, renal and biliary stents and Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffolds. He is a SME for laser cutting of various materials and has a keen interest in the research and development of medical device processing to enable more affordable healthcare devices for patients. Diarmuid has extensive training in lean manufacturing and six-sigma. Most recently Diarmuid’s role has been focused on the design, development, validation and launch of recent Abbott DES product range and is currently developing a portfolio of the next generation of Abbott products. Diarmuid is looking forward to immersing himself into a method of innovation that fosters creative design thinking that can deliver new opportunities. Diarmuid believes the practical nature of the Bio-innovate fellowship, through education and clinical immersion, is the key to creating lasting entrepreneurship and diverse economy while improving people’s lives. In his spare time, Diarmuid enjoys GAA, Rugby and Cycling, being outdoors and spending time with family.
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Situated on the prestigious campus of National University of Ireland Galway within the medieval city of Galway, European Capital of Culture in 2020, with equal easy access to the wilderness of Connemara in the west and the European mainland in the east, BioInnovate boasts a superb location.

Our affiliation with Stanford BioDesign has helped us to become one of the world’s leading innovation hubs with an immense debt of gratitude owed to Enterprise Ireland for both their financial and professional support in helping BioInnovate grow.

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