Gerry Clarke and Brendan Boland, following the 2013/2014 BioInnovate program, cofounded Loci Orthopaedics to develop a novel thumb based orthopaedic implant. To date, the company has won numerous awards and recently achieved a €2.75million Series A Fund award from a syndicate of investors to fully commercialise the product. The InDx device offers an exciting new, patient sensitive treatment option to patients and surgeons and has been designed in conjunction with three of the world’s leading hand surgeons ensuring all end-user requirements are met.

  • Established: 2015
  • Funding: €3.35 million
  • Status: Towards Commercialisation


Our Location

Situated on the prestigious campus of National University of Ireland Galway within the medieval city of Galway, European Capital of Culture in 2020, with equal easy access to the wilderness of Connemara in the west and the European mainland in the east, BioInnovate boasts a superb location.

Our affiliation with Stanford BioDesign has helped us to become one of the world’s leading innovation hubs with an immense debt of gratitude owed to Enterprise Ireland for both their financial and professional support in helping BioInnovate grow.

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