BioInnovate Ireland offers a unique medical device innovation training opportunity

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The Fellowship Programme

The Fellowship programme is a specialist medical device innovation training programme, modelled on the prestigious Stanford BioDesign programme. During the programme the Fellowship teams focus on three phases:

Identify unmet clinical needs

The programme begins with a five-week intensive Bootcamp on the process of BioInnovation. The following eight weeks are spent in clinical immersion where the Fellowship teams are immersed in the clinical environments across Ireland. This process involves observing patients and healthcare professionals in a range of clinical settings including: specialist diagnostic clinics, surgical and interventional procedures, post-operative care and rehabilitation. At this time, these elite multi-disciplinary teams observe a variety of health-care professionals and their interactions with patients in a clinical environment. This is a unique opportunity for the Fellows to observe and document the day to day challenges.

Invent solutions

The Fellowship teams now focus on processing the unmet clinical needs through the BioInnovation process, ultimately brain-storming to develop a range of potential solutions. During the "Invent" period, the Fellowship teams are intensively monitored and advised by a range of experienced and committed clinical, academic and entrepreneurial mentors. In parallel, the BioInnovate class also commences where multi-disciplinary postgraduate project teams are given an unmet clinical need to progress through the BioInnovate process. As well as clinicians, academics and industry practioneers, the Fellowship teams attend & contribute to the BioInnovate class. The teams and experts take on a mentoring role for the BioInnovate postgraduate students, thus transferring learning and sharing experience whilst fostering collaboration and networkings both on and off campus.

Implement (commercialisation)

Once the clinical needs are filtered and potential solutions developed through the concept phase, the teams then consider and agree the Implementation strategy and options which involves prototyping, busines & financial planning, regulatory affairs and reimbursement strategies. The Fellows are encouraged to move four concepts forward to business planning with the aim of advancing the most promising concept to be pitch ready and apply for funding opportunities.

The Fellowship Teams

Elite multi-disciplinary Fellowship teams are recruited annually with each team composed of high-calibre Fellows from either a medical, engineering, business or technical graduate background. Team recruitment commences in autumn with the selected Fellows demonstrating innovative qualities and excellence in their profession. The team members are chosen to contribute their skills, knowledge and expertise as part of a multi-disciplinary Fellowship team. The Fellows are stipend supported by Enterprise Ireland with the intensive 10-month masters by research programme commencing in August of each year.

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